Kunststoffankauf und -entsorgung


We purchase new plastic goods, B goods and production surpluses in new goods quality as well as defective batches and production-related waste from the packaging and plastics industry. The main focus in terms of quantity is currently on film qualities. Basically we are interested in all types, shapes and colours of PP, PE, ABS, PS and PA.

Our certifications enable us to offer the disposal of other companies in the plastics industry as full-service industrial services in order to reuse these materials as high-quality raw materials in our own production process. With the support of professional logistics partners, we can offer the disposal of these production residues throughout Europe, including container production.

For an individual offer we need the following information:

  • meaningful and current photos
  • Quantities / Rhythms
  • contaminants
  • damp
  • composition of materials
  • favoured type of acceptance
  • Special features and contact persons


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