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Beratung und Entwicklung

REPOLY is your competent partner for a wide range of technological, organisational and economic issues along the value chain of recycling and the use of recyclates in end products. Together with you we develop practical and economical solutions.

Depending on the problem and constellation, we also involve other partners from our network to support us in order to achieve the defined objectives as optimally as possible.

In addition to long-standing suppliers and customers, our partner network also includes external laboratories, engineering offices and research facilities.

Development of materials

REPOLY plastic granulates are mainly offered on the market as compounds to customer specifications. The development of new products according to the requirements of our interested parties and customers is standard for us. Our aim is to develop and offer solutions on the market that not only meet the required technical requirements and parameters, but are also economically advantageous for all parties involved.

Process optimization

Particularly in the context of the disposal of plastic waste, targeted measures at the beginning of the value chain can increase the economic potential for all parties involved. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can start and advise here very specifically and at an early stage. Come to us with your questions! We will work with you to find the right solution.