Warum sollten Sie mit uns zusammen arbeiten?

REPOLY | Global Solutions GmbH has been a continuously growing company with worldwide customers and suppliers since entering the plastics industry in 2006. To ensure this growth in the future, we are looking for responsible new colleagues who want to develop and grow together with us.



As a company, we have a responsibility to offer our employees an exciting, varied and (future) secure job. Everyone in the company makes their own contribution to this every day and take responsibility for it themselves.



Our personnel policy is geared towards sustainable corporate and employee development. We systematically develop our employees’ existing strengths and at the same time promote those areas that still have room for improvement.



For us, fairness means that we give all applicants who want to get involved with us a chance. Formal qualifications play an important role, but we also look at people “behind the testimonies”. Our employees are regularly assessed and assessed. Performance- and result-oriented salary components are standard for us.

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